You Will Learn From the Foreclosure Handbook:

  • Steps you can take to prevent foreclosure in Florida
  • What to do once you are served foreclosure
  • How to get a loan modifcation
  • How to fight Foreclosure
  • The Florida foreclosure process.
  • What happens if you do nothing?

Educate Yourself with the Florida Foreclosure Handbook

An informed homeowner is a prepared homeowner.

Educate yourself on the foreclosure process in Florida and what rights you have as a homeowner. The Florida Foreclosure handbook is written in language that is easy to understand. It clearly explains every aspect of the Florida foreclosure process, from the initiation of the foreclosure process when your lender files a lis pendens and you are served, to methods of stopping foreclosure.

Why is This Book Free?

This Florida foreclosure handbook is presented as a public service by Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, which is a 5-star rated law firm that concentrates in foreclosure defense and loan modification.


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Excerpt From "The Florida Foreclosure Handbook":
"If you're in the foreclosure process, it’s important to understand that you take the necessary steps to fight for your home by either representing yourself or hiring a professional and knowledgeable attorney to fight on your behalf."

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