Bank United Loan Modification Case Results

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Bank United - [ID: #0001]

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Before working with Amerihope Alliance Legal Services

Monthly PITI payment was $2,216.73 with adjustable 6.25% interest rate. Borrower was 24 months past due owing $53,200. Sale date canceled.


Sale date postponed upon lender's receipt of signed and dated agreement. New monthly payment with escrow shortage included is $1,244.69. Saving $972.04 per month!

Bank United - [ID: #0002]

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Before retaining our firm

Borrower was 8 months past due owing $10,700.00. Monthly mortgage payment (PITI) was $1,330.08 with adjustable 5.12% interest.


New PITI payment is $515.89 with 2.0% fixed interest for five years, incrementing 1.00% up to a maximum 4.875% for the life of the loan, saving more than 50% of the original payments per month! (Monthly savings $814.19).

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