Bayview Loan Modification Case Results

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Bayview - Sample Loan Modification [ID: #0001]

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Bayview Loan Modification Results

Interest Only converted to Principal & Interest with escrows

A Bayview interest only loan was recently modified. New 2% interest rate and PITI payment. $61,350 principal balance deferred.

Fannie Mae trial-to-permanent loan modification

We saved a New Jersey home from foreclosure! The homeowners were past due $225,201.82, and the entire amount was forgiven! HAMP trial loan modification payment of $3,514.85 is a reduction of $811.85/mo. The final loan modification payment remained the same.

FHA, 3.5 years behind

Our client was 42 months behind. with an FHA loan. They owed over $90,000. We obtained a Bayview loan modification with a payment reduction of $776.46/month! The new PITI payment is $1,443.57

HAMP trial plan

HAMP trial plan with $637.00 lower monthly payment approved for our client who was 30 months behind on his Bayview mortgage.

In-house (not HAMP) trial plan

Great success! 21 months and $41k past due, Bayview approved our client for an in-house trial modification with $334.00 in monthly savings./p>

Lower mortgage payment

Stopping their foreclosure, we obtained a payment reduction of $1,030/mo. This client was over 1 year behind.

6 Month trial plan

NJ homeowner $76,474.21 past due with Bayview was approved for a six month trial plan with $455 in monthly savings.

Lower interest rate and payment

Bayview agreed to an in-house modification for our client who was over $32K past due. They were able to keep their home with a lower interest rate and monthly payment.

First and Second Mortgage

First Mortgage modification

Mortgage was 26 months past due and in foreclosure. We brought them current and helped them to keep their home and negotiated with Bayview to accept mortgage payments again. The mortgage term was extended to 40 years.

Second Mortgage Settlement

We negotiated a settlement for their $73k second mortgage. The payments were 2 years past due. Our client paid $2,000.00 and settled the entire debt.


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