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We Don't JUST Fight Foreclosure

Our law firm NOT only fights the a foreclosure lawsuit but as an ancillary service handles the loan modification process. If you are a homeowner attempting to save your home you have dealt with your mortgage lender and have a clear understanding of the nightmare involved in dealing with a mortgage lender.

The average loan modification takes six (6) months, countless hours and infinite energy.

You have heard endless horror stories on the Internet, maybe from your neighbors, and maybe even from your family members. It's an endless runaround costing endless hours of calling your lender, waiting, waiting, spending hours on hold and speaking with a different representative each time you call.

We fight foreclosure and can negotiate:

  • a repayment or forbearance plan
  • lower mortgage payments
  • HAMP or traditional loan modification
  • principal reduction
  • extension of terms of your loan
  • step up rate
  • 2nd lien loan forgiveness
  • 1st or 2nd mortgage settlement

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