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NationStar Loan Modification Sample [ID: #0001]

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Case Studies

Loan Modification Success: BOA-Nationstar Payment Reduction!

Loan Modification Success: Nationstar Principal and Payment Reduction

Loan Modification Success: Nationstar Payment Reduction

Loan Modifications with Nationstar Mortgage

Lower Monthly Payment

2 years behind, owing over $75,000, loan modification saved our client $245.46 per month.

Principal Forgiveness

8 years behind, our client was approved for a loan modification with lower a payment, $88,000 principal forgiven!

Stopping Foreclosure

Stopping a Florida foreclosure, we obtained a monthly payment reduction of $463.58/mo. Our client was over 1 yr behind.

Lower Monthly Payment

Foreclosure averted for this homeowner! Our client was over 3 yrs behind. We obtained a payment reduction of $513 per month and stopped foreclosure.

Saving $1,118.16 per month

Our client was 7 months behind. We obtained an incredible Nationstar payment reduction of $1,118.16/month!

Six years behind

Past due since 2008 with an astronomical 9.025% interest rate, client received a trial plan in June 2016, with 2% interest.

Streamline Trial Plan

A client was approved for a 3 month streamline trial modification plan with $104 monthly savings.

In-House Loan Modification

An in-house loan modification gave our client a fresh start with a lower payment and lower interest rate.

Payment Reduction

Payment reduction of $608.84/month! Our client was only 3 months behind when they came to us.

Payment Reduction

Our client was 3 months behind. We obtained a modified payment that is $550.08/mo lower than their original payment.

$104,000 Past Due

This was five years and $104K behind on her mortgage, now has a final loan modification with $724 monthly savings.

Lender: NationStar - [ID: #0002]

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Borrower was $5,426.84 (4 months) past due. Monthly payments were $1,199.60 PITI on a 6% interest rate loan.

Trial Loan Modification

Monthly payment of $890.09 PITI.

Final Loan Modification:

Same payment of $890.09 and the new interest rate is 2% (HAMP). All past due monies were placed at the back of the loan.

Lender: NationStar - [ID: #0003]

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Homeowner was 11 months behind on monthly mortgage payments of $1,765.72 with an interest rate of 6.75%.

After Loan Modification

Homeowners were approved for a permanent Nationstar loan modification through the Making Home Affordable program (HAMP). They are saving $689.58 per month with their new monthly mortgage payments of $1,076.14. Their interest rate will be 2% for the first five years, 3% for the sixth year, and 4% for the seventh year until the interest rate is fixed at 4.75% for the remainder of the loan.

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