SLS Loan Modification Case Results

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9 Years Behind

After 9 years of missed payments to SLS ($258,779 behind) our client got a HAMP modification with a $351 lower payment!


Trial Plan Payment

Our client was 17 months and $11k past due on mortgage payments to SLS. Now they have a trial loan modification with $417 in monthly savings!


HAMP II Approval

7 months past due to SLS, we got our client a HAMP II modification with a lower interest rate, $51K deferred balance, and $782 lower payment!


Lower Monthly Payment

SLS agreed to HAMP trial loan modification plan for our client, who was 20 months and $37K behind, with $543 in monthly savings!


$108,258 Principal Deferred

Our client was past due 7 months with SLS. We got them a modification with $235 in monthly savings and a $108,258 deferment


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